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Homework in a Snap

Need help with your homework?



-No more time limits.
-Display changes.
-Photos require payments.
-Redesign to a more familiar messages layout
-Better control for memory usage
-Bug Fixes
-Swipe to Delete on compatible devices
-Now accepting tips, if you feel generous
-Optional Push Notifications -Added email confirmation for all signups
-In-app purchases implemented

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Home Screen

My Dashboard displays answers to your questions, when available. To upload a new question, tap the "Send a Question" button. The Info tab links you here, where information will be regularly updated regarding server status or submission delays.


Type your question in the text box. Submissions must be less than 250 characters. You can upload a photo directly from your device camera, or from your photo library. Tap your photo to zoom in and make sure it is clear. Swipe to delete if you wish to retake your photo or type a new message.


When you are sure the image is legible and/or the typed message is clear, tap 'Submit'. A message will appear if your submission was successful. If you receive an error message, or no message at all, your photo was not submitted. Try again later; if problems persist, please let us know: homeworkinasnap@gmail.com

Answers available

Answers should be available a few hours after submission. When an answer is available, it will show up on your dashboard. Tap the row to see the answer.

The Answers!

When a row on your dashboard is tapped, your answer will appear. Tap the photo to zoom in and pan, if necessary. You can also save the photo to your camera roll for future reference. When you are finished, you can delete it from your dashboard.

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